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There are quite a number of Catholic History Societies in Great Britain - The North East; The North West; The Midland; The South West. Through the "Links" facility of this website you will be able to look at their web pages and those of the Catholic Record Society. We have decided to adopt as our title "Wales and the Marches" - the ancient usage when the borders were movable - so that Herefordshire which is so important a part of our history is not excluded in our name.

The aim of the Society is to foster interest and understanding of the Churches' role in the history of Wales and the Marches

We do this by:
  • Providing advice on Catholic History to national and local bodies
  • Proving controlled access to our archives for researchers
  • Holding an annual history competition for secondary school pupils
  • Hosting an annual History Day in June
  • Organising a series of Sunday afternoon talks
  • Publishing our Journal 'Yr Hen Ffydd' (The Old Faith) twice a year
  • Helping to set up and link with local Catholic History groups throughout  Wales and the Marches

We have over 150 members in the UK and abroad

Annual subscription: £15 per member, £20 per two members at one address

Cymdeithas Hanes Catholig Cymru a'r Gororau

Ei nod yw meithrin diddordeb a dealltwriaeth o rôl yr Eglwys yn hanes Cymru a'r Gororau

  • Darparu cyngor ar hanes Catholig i gryff cenedlaethol a lleol
  • Adnoddau ymchwil
  • Cystadleuaeth Hannes i Blant Catholig
  • Fe cynhelir Diwrnod Hanes pob Mehefin
  • Darlithiau
  • Cyhoeddi cylchgrawn 'Yr Hen Ffydd'

Mae dros 150 o aelodau yng Nghmru ac yn Lloegr ac yn yr Eidal

Tanysgrifiad Blynyddol: £15 un aelod neu £20 am dwy pherson at un cyfeiriad

What will
members receive ?

Each year every member will receive copies of the newsletter entitled The Old Faith - YrHen Ffydd. These will contain a whole range of articles many of them from a rich vein of past writings and extracts from many contemporary studies and dissertations - copies of which we have and whose number we are ever keen to add to. Transactions of the Catholic History Day (see meetings) will becirculated and members enjoy free or access to all ordinary meetings.

Are there Special Areas that Need Attention ?


We are concerned that primary material - registers, records, photographs, logbooks and diaries are being lost or could be deteriorating beyond repair. One of our aims will be to recover, copy and safeguard such valuable material from parishes, schools and individuals. Another will be to use modern methods to capture and preserve the memories of older members of our Catholic communities.Tape and video recordings of the reminiscences of senior citizens will be of great use to future historians.